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Dust filter cartridge

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Fiber abrasion resistance than conventional filter can increase filtration velocity

Filter good stiffness, and can be washed repeatedly and prolong life

Dedicated elastic neoprene sealing obturator


Shot blasting machine sandblasting machine, polishing workshop with dust filter, high temperature desulfurization

welding fumes dust cartridge, Pulse pleated dust cartridge, gas turbine power plant (cylindrical cone) cartridge,

square air intake system chuck wood pulp paper dust filter, air compressor piping with dust filter,

dust filter cartridge recycling aluminum, cement warehouse roof dust and dust filter,

steel material handling equipment with dust filter, spray coating line powder room powder recovery with dust filter,

abrasive granulation carbon black production line packaging production lines with a dust filter, anti-static dust filter,

air flow of non-standard cartridge dust, sand suction machine jaw card circling dust cartridge installed, screw lifting dust filter,

cover plastic cast anti-shedding type dust filter, polyester filament dust filter cartridges, environmentally friendly

reusable water washable dust filter, air compression station steel plant dust filter, replace cartridge dust bag,

chuck cartridge type dust coat, diagonal cross into dust cartridge type, spin button dust filter, blower with a dust filter,

dusting powder cartridge recycling, engine flame-retardant dust filter, domestic, imported wood pulp paper dust filter,

dust cartridge flat square box, hot mist dust filter, dust filter large steel processing lines, self-cleaning dust filter,

container with filter cartridge, Non-standard shaped dust filter, etc.


Also produce filters according to customers' requirements.

We provide One-stop solution, supply all kinds of filter machine parts and filter materials, help customer save time&cost.
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20+ years experience and professional in filter industry.
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