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HEPA filter PU sealant

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I. Description

Polyurethane adhesive for HEPA filters, use by PU machine or by hand.

II. Features

1. Good flowability.

2. Good stability.

3. High strength.

III. Specification

1. Opeartion ratio: A:B=2:1 by weight

2. Dry time:20mins(adjustable)

3. Shore A hardness: 50±5(adjustable)

4. Color:White

5. Tensile strength:≥0.5 MPa

IV. Packaging

Component A: 30 kg(net) in steel drum.

Component B: 25 kg(net) in steel drum.

V. Storage

The components can be stored indoors in the tightly sealed drums for about 6 months

at the temperature between 15℃ to 35℃, and should be protected from moisture and

sunlight. After opening the drums, the components should be used in a short time.

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