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Hot melt glue stick for making air filters

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I. Description

Hot melt adhesive are mainly used as a support in the assembly stage and to bond filter paper.

A further use is bonding of filter folds to form so-called (pocket filters) which are used mainly used for air filters.

II. Features

1. Good bonding performance

2. Easy operation

III. Specification

1. Appearance: translucence and yellow glue stick or granule

2. Softening point: ≥100±5℃ (Circular Ball Method)

3. Melting viscosity:≥13pa.s

4. Opening time:15~20s

5. Hardening time:10~15s

6. Operating temperature:160℃~180℃

7. Shear strength:≥300N/cm

8. Peel strength:≥20N/cm

IV. Packaging

25kg(net) per carton

V. Storage

It can be stored indoors about 6 months at the temperature between 15℃ to 35℃, and should be protected from sunlight.

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